What one Fountain high school is doing to take precautions against concussions

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — The rise of concussions during football practices and games in the recent years has some schools doing things a little differently to take precautions.

New headgear and equipment can prevent some injuries, but now coaches are actually training their players with some new moves that could keep them safer.

Head Coach Jake Novotny of Fountain-Fort Carson High School says he learned these moves from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll back in 2014. He implemented them with the CSU-Pueblo team he coached then, and he’s implementing them with his high school kids now.

“I don’t want that to happen to our kids, and I don’t want any of our kinds to have that in their life,” Coach Novotny said, “and I gotta go to bed at night knowing my friends are safe.”

Running back Gavin Green suffered a concussion last year, and says this new tackle is keeping him and his team mates safe.

“I don’t think people see how crucial [those] injuries are, because it’s not something you can see,” Green said, “you never know what happens to your head.”

Fountain-Ft. Carson’s head athletic trainer, John Salvatore, is not only the team’s injury manager, he’s also a father.

“I know my own sons were taught that tackling technique, and as a father it makes me kind of excited to know that the coaches are actively involved in trying to make our kids have a safer experience,” Salvatore said.

Coach Novotny is implementing this new technique to solely keep his players safe. “I can’t have that on my head, that something happened to a kid because we didn’t do it the right way.”