Jeff Womack

jeff womack headshot squareJeff was born in Bozeman, Montana. He made his debut on television at age 3, during a Christmas special on KXLY TV Spokane, Washington, where both his mom and dad worked. He hopes no one still has a copy. His first toy was a live truck made to look like the real one at the TV station.

As a kid, Jeff spent many hours on his uncle’s farm in Montana. There, he learned how fickle Mother Nature can be and gained an understanding of how people who make their living outdoors depend on the weather trends. Growing up he had a fascination with farming, radio, and weather.

Broadcasting runs through Jeff’s blood. Both his mom and dad are television veterans of CNN Atlanta. Womack went to grade school in Marietta, Georgia. One time while watching his mom record a show in fifth grade, the sound engineer let him run audio. He said “just listen for the director’s command to fade up mic cue.” One time while on a tour with his classmates at CNN Center, Jeff felt a connection with the Big Blue weather wall they used to do the weather.

A couple years later Jeff decided to build his first TV set out of poster board. “Late Night with Jeff Womack” only lasted two seasons.

Womack went to Beaverhead County High School in Dillon, Montana. He played football for one year. Since he felt he’d blown his contract with the Dallas Cowboys, he decided to do something a little less dangerous and follow his dream of being on the radio. His coaches were relieved. His junior year, before school started, he hosted the morning show on KDBM.

Jeff stayed on the radio through college, hosting many events and having the privilege to interview many country artists he idolized.

Although he hated to leave radio, TV would come calling. Jeff set out to start his weather career in Spokane, Washington, then Billings, Montana, where he later won the Broadcaster of the Year Award for his coverage of the Father’s Day tornado.

Womack arrived in Colorado Springs for the first time in 2012, and helped cover the Waldo Canyon Fire. A year later he was proud to be part of the award winning team on the Black Forest Fire.

Recently, Jeff took a little break from the winter in the Rockies and set out to tango with the tropics, forecasting weather for WGNO in New Orleans. While in the Big Easy, Jeff covered Mardi Gras and had the chance to interview some of TV’s best, while eating some the world’s finest Cajun cuisine.

Jeff is thrilled to be back in Colorado because it’s always felt like home. When he’s not watching the weather, you’ll find him on a farm looking at tractors, playing golf badly, or at a country concert.

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