Give!: Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

The museum is opening a new exhibit in January called The Story of Us. It’s an A to Z study of the history of Colorado Springs, telling some…

One of many service dogs used in the Victory Service Dogs program./FOX21 News

Give!: Victory Service Dogs

At no cost, Victory Service Dogs provides service dogs and the necessary training to local veterans.


Give!: Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope helps support foster parents in an effort to keep them from burning out. They’re hoping to raise $50,000 so they can hire ano…

Yobel International

Give!: Yobel International

In the past four years alone Yobel International has brought business training to over 800 families across the globe and helped countless mo…


Give!: Harley’s Hope Foundation

Harley’s Hope Foundation provides financial assistance with major veterinary care, training and emergency foster care for animals living wit…