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5 Memorial bids narrowed down to 1

In an unanimous decision Tuesday city council agreed to move forward with the University of Colorado Hospital’s proposal for a 40 year lease…

School lockdown ends, woman not found

Extra security officers were on hand to handle an on-time dismissal of two Pueblo City Schools Tuesday after they had been locked down for t…

Dozens of animals starved

A Southern Colorado woman has been arrested, accused of severely neglecting dozens of animals.

Take down the tree and help the community

The holiday season is over, which means it’s time to take down that dried out Christmas tree.  Instead of dumping it in the trash, the city …

Airman killed in Afghanistan

Sad news from of Peterson Air Force Base. Officals there announced Saturday one of their airman has been killed while serving in Afghanistan…

Horse logger hitting the road

A horse drawn wagon is making it’s way through Colorado Springs while headed to the East Coast.

Highlighting jobs in southern Colorado

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is criss-crossing southern Colorado this week in order to shine the spotlight on job creation in the region.

What exactly is a caucus?

By now you have probably heard it at least a dozen times. The word that only comes around once every four years: caucus.

First local baby of 2012!

Colorado Springs’ first baby of the new year has arrived. Sebastian Olivas arrived six minutes into 2012, weighing eight pounds, six ounces.