A+ News: Southern Colorado students get creative in LEGO-based robotics competition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Combining LEGOS and robots while solving real world problems — that’s what local elementary and middle school students worked to do!

The 11th annual southern Colorado FIRST LEGO League state qualifying event was held at Discovery Canyon Middle School on Saturday, November 11.

A total 48 teams made up of fourth to eighth graders from all over southern Colorado battled it out in a LEGO–based robotics competition.

This year’s theme was “The Human Water Cycle and Solving a Hydro-Dynamic Challenge.”

Each team comes up with a research project. They then build a LEGO robot that can accomplish up to 18 different water-related missions, like replacing a broken pipe or capturing rain water.

“This is the future of our society. Having these students be able to have those technology skills, being able to understand how to work together and even with the theme of the game, to understand the importance of water to the world,” said tournament director Jason Buhler.

Colorado Springs Utilities employees judged the event.

Winners will advance to the state tournament.


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