Pikes Peak Veterans Council holds annual Veterans Day ceremony

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Pikes Peak Veterans Council held their annual Veterans Day ceremony Saturday morning.

The event took place at the Disabled American Veterans Hall, honoring both active duty service members and veterans from the U.S. and Canada.

“So this type of event, both as Veterans Day for the United States and also Remembrance Day for Canada, really represents an important component of what we do as a community, in terms of remembering what those have done before us,” said Brig. Gen. Andrew P. Armacost, Dean of Faculty, USAFA.

Canadian service members have been working at NORAD for almost 60 years now, becoming a large part of the Colorado Springs community.

“To be here, to be able to celebrate your Veterans Day and our Remembrance Day, is very special,” said LGen. Pierre St-Amand, NORAD Deputy Commander.

The combined ceremony showed our service members and veterans some well-deserved appreciation.

“Really pulled together many members of the community and it was great to see the support, it was really truly inspirational,” said Brig. Gen. Armacost.

LGen. St-Amand says it’s not just one day a year we show our gratitude to service members and veterans — it should be everyday.

“They wear their hats, you see them all over town. Whether you’re pumping gas, wherever you go, I see them with their hats, and I will look at them and nod or I will say thank you,” said Kathy Hanner, Secretary of the Pikes Peak Veterans Council.

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