Pueblo police release body-worn camera video from February shooting

PUEBLO, Colo. — Police have released dash camera and body-worn camera video of a fatal shooting on the south side of Pueblo in February.

This video, which was edited and released by the Pueblo Police Department, contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

The shooting happened around 12:20 a.m. February 5 in the area of Small Avenue and Acero Avenue on Pueblo’s south side. Police said two officers, Neal Robinson and Bernadette Lambert, shot and killed a suspect, Andrew Byrd. The Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office ruled in August that the shooting was justified under Colorado law.

Police said their investigation began on February 4, when officers Todd Whittemore and Lambert were called to Acero Avenue to investigate a possible stolen car. Police determined the person who had the car was a known street gang member and had warrants for his arrest. They tried to contact him, but were unsuccessful.

Then, about two hours later, the woman called police and told them the man was back, this time in a Camry with another man. Whittemore drove past the parked car and didn’t see anyone inside, according to police. When he made a U-turn and pulled behind the Camry, the driver, later identified as Byrd, put on the brakes, according to police. Whittemore turned on his emergency lights, and Byrd backed into his patrol car. As Robinson approached, Byrd turned right and crashed into a trailer, according to police.

Whittimore then got out of his car and ordered Byrd to shut off the Camry, according to police. Byrd put his hands up, but then put the Camry in reverse, hitting both Whittemore and his patrol car. He then sped toward Robinson, according to police. As Byrd drove by, Robinson fired one shot into the driver’s side window of the Camry, killing Byrd. Police said Lambert also fired at Byrd, but did not hit him.

Police said they released the video of the incident Wednesday in response to a public records request.

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