Air Force Athlete of the Week: Marquis Griffin

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — Marquis Griffin has learned from some of the best to wear an Air Force uniform.

“Throughout my career here, guys like Weston Steelhammer and Jesse Washington, they were always the big brother for me. Obviously I do not have them this year, so I just wanted to relay that down to them,” said Griffin.

And now he’s helping pay it forward.

“Show them the ways down here in practice. I don’t go easy on them. I have a high standard, and let them know if they are slacking, I will definitely let them know. They refer to me now as the big brother. It’s cool to me. I like it,” he said.

Head Coach Troy Calhoun maintained high praise for the senior defensive back.

“More than anything else, his competitive drive,” he said. “You see it at practice, certainly on game day too. Hard, hard worker and you can tell physically, he is invested.”

Last week, the Falcons defense allowed a total of 392 yards, but it would have been even more if Griffin was not leading the secondary.

“It was just an emotional passionate moment,” Griffin said. “We stopped them on fourth down. They were close to scoring, and I think that gave us some life. Obviously, we wanted to go down and score, make it 14-7, but it did not turn out that way. It is tough coming off a loss like that. We lost to Navy, we did not win the Commander in Chief’s trophy. But at the same time, conference is still on the table. We have three games left and we definitely want to go 1-0 each week.”

Up next, the senior management major is ready for another rivalry matchup as a personnel officer in the Air Force.

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