Palmer High School choir headed to Carnegie Hall

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A local Chamber Choir is heading to the big leagues.

Nineteen students at Palmer High School have been invited to sing where many have dreamed, but few have stepped inside — Carnegie Hall.

It’s all part of the 35th season of concerts put together by MidAmerica Productions.

Choir teacher Jeff Peckham has been teaching choir for 31 years, with nine of those being at Palmer High School. He says it’s a true honor for his class to be invited to sing at Carnegie Hall.

“It’s a privilege to do what I do everyday, but it is incredibly a privilege and an honor to be able to go to Carnegie Hall, asked to participate and to step on that stage, where so many amazing performers and musicians have stepped before us,” said Peckham.

It turns out Peckham knows a conductor at Carnegie Hall, who heard his class sing and invited them personally.

“I was like, ‘ It’s not the one in New York, you’re joking,’ and then he confirmed it and it got more real,” said Maya Branch, part of the Chamber Choir.

Peckham says it’s not a competition, but rather a chance for the students to perform alongside other schools.

“My understanding is that there are about five or six choirs that will be joining together doing this performance and it usually gets audiences of 3,000 to 3,500 in Carnegie Hall,” said Peckham.

The students will be heading to New York in May 2018, so until then they will be practicing for the big stage.

Peckham says the students are paying their own way for the trip. The choir will be holding several fundraisers and community events in the coming months.

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