Colorado Springs’ first self-pour taproom opens on Colorado Avenue

Trails End Taproom gears up for grand-opening Saturday, November 11 -- FOX21 News, Sarah Ferguson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs’ only self-pour taproom gave customers a first taste Sunday.

Trails End Taproom sits on the west side of town and hosted its soft opening this weekend.

Trails End features 40 taps, including craft beer, wine and ciders, bringing customers variety with adventure.

“I come from an IT background. I love technology and I love mountain biking. I love craft beer, so kind of a combination of all of those things,” said co-owner Kevin Weese.

The taproom is geared toward all things outdoors, decorated with trail maps and bike racks.

“So Trails End is really geared to be your adventure base camp where you start and stop adventures. It’s a place where you come and build community and give back to the community,” said Weese.

Customers will be asked to show an ID and swipe their credit card at the front counter, before they’re given a Trails End Taproom card. They can then take their taproom card to any of the taps and place it over the taproom logo, where a green light will appear, signaling the tap is ready to pour.

All customers will be charged based on how many ounces they pour.

“You can have a little taste of each one until you find what you like. I found two or three that I really, really enjoyed a lot,” said customer John Graaff.

There’s also a touch screen above all the taps that customers can press to see craft beer, wine or cider descriptions.

Trails End Taproom also donates 100 percent of tips to local trail and humanitarian nonprofits.

The grand opening is happening next Saturday, November 11, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The taproom is located at 3103 West Colorado Avenue.

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