Air Force Athlete of the Week: Jake Barnhorst

USAFA senior offensive lineman, Jake Barnhorst / FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Falcons knew after their comeback win over UNLV, they had to bring the same grit to Nevada.

Jake Barnhorst and the rest of the offensive line knew they need to be stout to compete with the Wolf Pack.

“Going into it, we were thinking a lot about their scheme and how we could attack their defense, and what they were going to come out in. But having the momentum from the week before, you know, really helped,” said Barnhorst.

Not only were they stout, the o-line anchored the second best rushing effort in all of college football this season with 550 yard on the ground. It was second only to Navy’s 569 effort against Cincy this season.

“After the game we were kind of like goodness, like wow,” Barnhorst added.

Head Coach Troy Calhoun added praise for the offensive lineman.

“He played really hard, and just how instant he was off the football, which tells you he knew exactly what to do. There is some anticipation and eagerness there. He played well, he played really well,” Calhoun said.

“We have four people, four of our guys back there who went over 100 yards each. So we said to ourselves, we must be doing a little something right. So, at least we are headed in the right direction,” said the USAFA senior.

That direction leads north on Interstate 25, where the Falcons will square off with the Rams on Saturday, October 28. The senior Political Science major says there is one sure way to replicate that success.

“The best way to tell is if we are tired. Not kidding. So, if we are on the field and we are gassed a little bit. You know, running our tempo offense and running that, if we are actually tempo-ing then that means we are clicking,” said Barnhorst.

Barnhorst is not the type of player who aims for praise. He just wants to do his job.

“I don’t really see myself as one of the most compelling leaders on the team, or anything like that. I kind of see myself as just playing a role. And occasionally, you look back on a game and think ‘Wow, we did pretty well as a unit.’ And that is one of the things we can look to as the big guys and say ‘hey, you know, let’s just keep doing what we are doing,'” Barnhorst said.

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