Fort Carson soldiers see signs of regrowth as they continue recovery efforts in Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO — About 200 Fort Carson soldiers are still hard at work, helping with hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

FOX21 caught up with the Commander of the 4th Sustainment Brigade, who says the island has come a long way but there is still work to do.

“There are still pockets on the island that are still affected by the hurricane,” Colonel Geoff Kent said. “There are still a number of areas without power and water and such but what we have seen is a lot of growth.”

For the past four weeks they’ve been purifying water, bringing in truckloads of food, and distributing the supplies to victims.

“What we’re doing is just pumping water out of the lake, purifying our systems, setting up a distribution point and then pushing it out to civilian water distribution trucks.”

As the new normal sets in, restaurants and stores are opening and the people of Puerto Rico are now returning to work.

“When we first got here, four weeks ago, every leaf and every tree was stripped and every branch was broken and today a lot of that greenery has come back,” said Colonel Geoff Kent.

There is symbolism in signs on new growth, something these soldiers are proud to be a part of and the folks living there are thankful for.

“They’re gracious, they’re kind, every time I drive by, they’re waving and yelling, ‘gracias.’ It’s wonderful. I know they appreciate us and I appreciate them.”

“We’re here to help the Puerto Ricans, that’s why we’re here and we intend to do our jobs so whatever support we can provide to you, we’re here to provide that support.”

Troops from the Mountain Post will likely be in Puerto Rico for a few more weeks.

Before heading there, these brave men and women spent some time assisting in Hurricane Harvey recovery in Texas. They did get to come home for about a week in between.

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