Parker homeowner speaks out on damage done by uninvited teens who partied inside his home

PARKER, Colo. — A few days ago we first told you about an investigation by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office after video surfaced of teens partying inside a home for sale in Parker.

Now a family is cleaning up the mess left behind.

“Kids everywhere, outside. Beer cans, liquor, wine bottles,” said homeowner Mike Cox. “As far as we’re concerned, everyone who was here broke into our home.”

Cox and his family were out to dinner when police say a group of teens invited themselves and all their friends inside.

“I would guess 200+ kids,” Cox said. “I’m thinking that they thought our house was empty because it’s for sale.”

He says they destroyed nearly everything inside.

“Beer and champagne on everything, sprayed on the walls, the ceilings, the floors,” he said. “You can’t believe the amount of damage they did in two hours.”

The teens did upload the festivities to their Snapchat accounts, and Cox says because of that, many of the faces are identifiable.

“They did it, they’re responsible, and we’re going to hold them accountable.”


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