District 12 superintendent asks for voters’ approval on ballot issue

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The superintendent of District 12 is asking voters to be informed about ballot issue 3D.

“Issue 3D is not like a typical school district election question. It’s not a mill levy override, it’s not a bond issue,” said Cheyenne Mountain School District Superintendent Dr. Walt Cooper.

In 2011, voters approved a mill levy override for the district, giving them revenue from property taxes.

“When the law changed in the spring, that changed the way that property taxes were calculated on homes. Now, that no longer works,” said Cooper.

This year, the district’s budget is suffering.

“We are facing a little more than a $550,000 shortfall in this year’s budget,” Cooper said.

Cooper said they are not asking for more money, but without the money promised to them in the budget projections back in 2011, the district could take a hit.

“Over time, if we don’t correct this, this issue, this unexpected issue that happened because of something that is completely beyond our control, the long term effect will be exponential,” Cooper said. “We are one of the highest-performing school districts, if not the highest-performing school district, in the state, for many reasons. And one of those reasons is the level of local support that we’ve had.”

Cooper said whether or not 3D passes, property taxes will be lower than last year.

>> Tap here for more information on the ballot question from District 12. 

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