A new kind of Halloween experience on Tejon Street

"Terror on Tejon" virtual reality tour bus
"Terror on Tejon" virtual reality tour bus

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A different kind of Halloween experience is debuting on Tejon Street in downtown Colorado Springs.

It’s called Terror on Tejon, and it’s hosted by the Mansion and other downtown Colorado Springs nightclubs.

It’s a virtual reality tour bus that drives down Tejon Street while participants look through a virtual reality headset.

“We drive up and down Tejon Street, and quite frankly, you don’t even know you’re on Tejon Street,” Shawnee Star, CEO of TechWise, said.

You can look up, down, left, and right, and all 360 degrees around you take you into a haunted experience.

“You’re on a bus, you’re moving, and you’re in another world,” Starr said.

“Everywhere you look, it’s different, scary, and fun,” Era McCarthey, creator of Terror on Tejon, said.

To buy tickets, visit vrterrortours.com .

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