Aspen police officers deliver cake to inmate spending his birthday in jail

ASPEN, Colo. — Three Aspen police officers decided to do something kind for one inmate spending his birthday in jail.

In a Facebook post on October 5, the Aspen Police Department commended Officers Jeremy Johnson, Ian MacAyeal and Sgt. Rick Magnuson for the act.

According to the post, the three police officers noticed the inmate, who they say had been in and out of police custody recently, “was having a rough go of it.” He ended up back in jail — this time on his birthday.

“Taking it upon themselves, they purchased a cake, and delivered it to him in the jail, and helped him celebrate the occasion, as best as they could,” the post said.

The department said the birthday surprise was done in private, and that no one knew about it until Jail Deputy Shane Gaumer emailed them.

“This was an unbelievably nice gesture tied to genuine concern for XXX’s well being,” Gaumer wrote.

“We are proud of them. So we brag a little. Wouldn’t you?” the department ended the post.

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