Colorado Springs gun experts explain ‘bump stock’ device used in Las Vegas concert shooting

Gun experts explain gun stocks, FOX21 News, Mike Duran

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The gun accessory used by the Las Vegas shooter to spray bullets over a crowd of concertgoers can turn semi-automatic firearms into automatic ones.

According to Mel “Dragonman” Bernstein, owner of Dragonman’s Gun Range and Shop, a bump stock can fire around 500 rounds per minute, compared to an M16 rifle which can fire around 600 rounds per minute. He said the add-on bump stock takes about four to six minutes to assemble on an AR-15.

“If you’re a law-abiding citizen in America and have a clean record, you should be able to own anything you want,” said Dragonman.

The bump stock device allows for more rapid fire, but less accuracy, according to Paul Paradis, owner of Paradise Sales in Colorado Springs.

“The main thing that I am not real happy with on them, is it’s very, very hard to be accurate with them,” said Paradis.

While he doesn’t sell bump stocks at Paradise Sales, he’s seen customers make them.

“Last guy that did it, did it with things that you could find in any hardware store,” said Paradis.

According to Dragonman, bump stocks are sometimes used for investment and collection, and also by service members.

“It brings back memories. It’s the same type of gun like they used through Vietnam,” said Dragonman.

Dragonman said his shop received five calls Thursday morning asking for bump stocks, and he has already had to put in more orders.

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