New snowplow technologies being implemented this winter

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Winter is coming, and even faster than some people might like.

Things are also changing for the El Paso County Department of Public Works, who manage the roadways when they get snowy.

These changes were implemented in the County’s snowplows to both save money and be more time efficient.

“We’re ready to go, material-wise,” Troy Wiitala, with the Department of Public Works, said.

Around 1,000 tons of salt were dropped off at El Paso County facilities to prepare for the coming winter, but with that, also comes some new equipment and technology.

“So, it’s all push-button controls inside for the salt, chemical, depending on the application,” Wiitala said. “It’s all inside the truck.”

This new technology allows for a more controlled release of the salt and road treatments, making the process faster and more cost-efficient.

“As well as the Zonar unit that tracks where they’re at,” Wiitala said.

The new Zonar units are also computerized in the snowplows making it easier to track where they are, so they avoid sending more than one truck to the same place from different locations.

Lastly, a new simulation system is being used to train snowplow drivers in real-life situations.

The simulator helps the County weed out drivers who do not perform well enough to be on the actual roads during the winter time.

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