Air Force Athlete of the Week: Ryan Reffitt

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Senior tight end Ryan Reffitt does not care what his role is on the Falcons offense. He only cares if he is able to help make an impact.

“I try to do whatever my best, and whatever the teams needs me to do, blocking or receiving or whatever that role may be, I just try to give it my all. Work as hard as I can,” Reffitt said.

In the team’s week five match up with New Mexico, his role was to score. Reffitt recorded his first touchdown of the season in the team’s effort against the Lobos.

“The safety was playing man to man, and he backed off pretty far. I was just thinking, if I could just push hard for that ten yards, make a nice break, then I would be open, right in the end zone for Arion to throw me the ball. We executed the play well,” Reffitt said.

Head Coach Troy Calhoun has been impressed with his journey and work ethic.

“You know he is really a guy that has worked extremely hard to become a more complete player. Whether as an interior blocker, a perimeter blocker, running routes. He is skilled. More than anything else, the work that he has done in the weight room too. Rather than just being a tall, skinny guy, he has developed some more power as a player also,” Calhoun said.

With that power, the senior management major is ready to help this team snap their three game skid against Navy this week.

“We are going to keep working as hard as we can as an offense, just trying to get better. And game plan for whatever team we will face. Our goal is just to go one and oh every single week. And you know, I think we are putting ourselves in a better position to do that every single week by working hard” Reffitt said.


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