A+ News: Local students get hands-on experience with ProStart Culinary Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A unique school program is providing non-traditional teaching for those eager to get on the fast-track to employment.

The ProStart Culinary Program is one of the Pathway Programs offered to students and lays the foundation to work in the culinary business, catering or even owning a restaurant some day.

Classes at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus are filled with students eager to get the hands-on experience.

“They’ll do the marketing and the menu developments and the floorplans and the color schemes and they actually prepare and photograph some of the food that’s with that,” said instructor Andrea Aragon. “So through that whole process they’re learning about economics and how the business model works and the industry.”

“It’s beneficial because it gives college credits and also teamwork is an important thing to find in it,” said student Britnee Ridgeway.

In addition to earning college credit, students can earn money in the chosen filed while still in school.


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