Colorado Springs couple caught in chaos at Las Vegas concert shooting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.  —  One Colorado Springs couple watched the terror unfold during the Las Vegas concert shooting, running from the chaos and caught in the middle.

They say about three to four songs into Jason Aldean’s concert, they heard what sounded like fireworks. Just moments later they knew it wasn’t a prank.

“When you heard the shots go off, you heard 40,50,60 rounds going at least, and then what we presumed to be a reload and then another round of shots and I thought I remember hearing three separate rounds of shots,” said Brian Wallingsford, who is from Colorado Springs.

He said it was terrifying to hear the gunfire, which sounded like it would never stop.

“Where we were standing, was an area close to where they had all the handicapped people on rows and they couldn’t leave, they couldn’t run and just everything is running through your mind,” said Amy Charbauski, Wallingsford’s girlfriend who is also from Colorado Springs.

Wallingsford and Charbauski briefly lost each other during the chaos.

“The barricade kind of came down and then I just got knocked over, I thought I was going to get trampled or something, but luckily I didn’t,” said Wallingsford.

The couple says this shooting is something that will always haunt them, saying it still doesn’t seem real.

“Just the panic of everybody, you see everyone, everyone is so upset and to see other people just as scared as you are and not having that sense of safety, you go to something like this and you think you’re safe,” said Charbauski.

She says during the chaos she hid in a trailer before she and Wallingsford finally reunited safely at their hotel.

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