Colorado Springs barista’s freak accident turns into a new job opportunity

Eliza Lovett earlier this year after almost losing her arm in a coffee roasting accident

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Eliza Lovett nearly lost her arm in April after a freak accident involving a coffee roaster, but now she’s going to work for the company who manufactures those exact machines.

She currently works at Story Coffee Co. in downtown Colorado Springs, where she is a barista and coffee roaster.

One day, she was roasting coffee, and just like normal, she stuck her hand into the roaster to pick out defected beans. Only this time, she was wearing a bracelet, which she admits she shouldn’t have been wearing.

Her bracelet got stuck, but the roaster kept turning. She nearly lost her arm.

However, her love for the coffee industry hasn’t changed a bit.

When her family and friends asked her if she would return to being a barista and roster, she said, “I’m definitely going to be back as soon as I get out of here.”

“It didn’t even occur to me that I would switch careers,” Lovett said. “Coffee has always been a big love of mine.”

Mill City Roasters is the company that makes the roasters that almost caused her to lose her arm in what Lovett calls a “freak accident.”

She leaves next week to work at Mill City’s corporate office to train people how to use the coffee roasters properly.

“I know it’s cliche, but accidents happen,” Lovett said.

The company’s owner called her after the accident and said, “This coffee community is the only one where the good guy ends up on top.”

Right then, she knew she wanted to work there next.

As for her coffee roasting family here, they’ve all learned from Lovett’s accident.

“It’s a really common practice for roasters to reach in and pull out defects, but after the accident, it doesn’t seem worth it,” she said. “None of us reach our hands in there anymore.”

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