Air Force Athlete of the Week: Luke Strebel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — When senior kicker Luke Strebel stepped onto the field in the pouring rain, he only had one thought on his mind.

“Being pretty cold, pretty wet, and thinking dang this is actually going to go in,” Strebel said. “I don’t know how Austin, my snapper and Braden the holder, they were able to magically get the ball from point A to point B.”

Head Coach Troy Calhoun was equally as impressed he nailed it in the pouring rain.

“I thought he could make the kick. And we did have a little bit of a breeze behind us. We practice in conditions, or at least we try to soak balls and soak the kicker’s leg, and the whole bit. We don’t have the monsoons, we’ve got to find a way to do that also. But he nailed the kick, and part of it, there was a good quality hold to get the ball placed” Calhoun said.

Strebel’s sights are always set between the uprights, and he says Coach Calhoun has a special way to help prepare him for game day.

“Coach Calhoun really loves his Gatorade bottles. You will see him out at practice, probably today too, squirting the heck out of the footballs and trying to get it as wet as possible. He has no qualms about spraying you with it right before you are about to hit your kick,” Strebel said.

The senior majoring in Systems Engineering believes special teams is ready to help take this team to their next win.

“We had some great field goals, and special teams unit perform in general against Michigan, it just did not end the way we wanted it to. So, this was a good week to get us back into that rhythm and that swing we expect to be in the whole time. And we always expect to be perfect every week, and we are just going to try and keep that goal going,” he said.


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