New local recycling program helps needy families

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — What if there was a way you could help the environment and needy families?

Now there is! Goal Zero, is a new recycling program in town. They take every material that the public recycles and turn it into profits for Care and Share Food Bank, which serves 31 counties in southern Colorado.

A total 270,000 tons of trash is processed by the El Paso County Landfill each year, according to the County.

Care and Share Food Bank said they were already diverting about 85 percent of their trash, so it didn’t go to the landfill.

In comparison, they say Colorado Springs as a whole only diverts 8 percent.

“We knew if we could do it with our material we knew that there were other business and individuals that would have that material as well,” said the Chief Operating Officer of Goal Zero, Stacy Poore.

They are now offering a public drop off service for recycling. They collect soft plastics like bags and film, hard plastics one and two, aluminum, office paper, newspaper, cardboard, and wooden pallets.

The food bank collects items through their social enterprise called “goal zero.”

They hope this new mission — zero waste for zero hunger — gets people to start thinking seriously about recycling. This service is free to the public.

“That’s one of the main reason why people don’t recycle in Colorado Springs, because large waste companies charge them for it. Makes it’s a lot more appealing to many more people,” said Philip Griffin.

“Every material that we accept has a value and we sell those material to a variety of different places in order to raise money, and it’s a commodity so that means the price can vary but we work with a variety of different vendors and sell that and get money back,” said Poore. “So when you’re recycling, when you’re diverting things from the landfill, and bringing it here to us. It has the opportunity to take on even more value.”

They say this is a great way to improve the community’s recycling efforts over all.

“If you don’t bring it here it can go into the landfill and if you do bring it here, we can help the food bank. So it’s pretty simple I mean why not do it,” said Griffin.

The ware house is part of the La-Z-boy warehouse, so drive around the south side of the building and you’ll see the dumpsters. They ask that you sort the different materials into the appropriate bins.

The public drop off is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and they will be extending hours to Saturdays starting in October.

Goal Zero’s warehouse is located at 2265 Waynoka Road.

Find out what materials you can bring here and learn more about the program here.

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