Flu season is here and Colorado Public Health says it could be an active one

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Flu season is here and Colorado Public Health officials are saying we could be in for an active one.

According to the state health department, 20 Coloradans have already been hospitalized with the flu.

FOX21 spoke with a pediatrician at Dublin Primary Care who says now is the time to get the flu vaccine.

“It’s not something I want to bring home to him and it’s not something that I would like for him to be exposed to,” said Jenifer Bunn, a mother.

It was time for her son Seeley’s one year checkup which included his very first flu shot and it was also a chance for mom to get hers too.

Dr. Steven Luebbert said he’s already seen one case of the flu in his office.

“Symptoms are severe headache, muscle aches, sore throat, high fevers and it typically last from 5 to 7 days,” said Dr. Luebbert.

Bunn, who also works in a local hospital, knows these symptoms all too well and doesn’t want Seeley to experience them.

“You know working at the hospital I see firsthand how many kids get hospitalized with the flu and how serious that it can get,” said Bunn.

Dr. Luebbert said, “The problem is none of the medicines are really that good at treating it.”

That’s why Bunn says the painful prick is absolutely worth it.

“If you’re a little sore the next day or spike a little fever, it saves you from two or three weeks of being sick and taking time off of work and it’s worth every second,” said Bunn.

Other than the flu vaccines Dr. Luebbert said people should keep their hands washed, maybe invest in a humidifier or vaporizer and also get plenty of rest and exercise.

It’s the less painful option, often used on children in recent years but pediatricians are now saying flu nasal mists are not effective.

Dr. Luebbert said the nasal mist is about as effective as taking a drink of water — it’s not going to help.

A lot of times people worry about the side effects of the vaccine but doctors say other than a little soreness and some kids get a low grade fever.

The flu shot is not 100 percent effective. Dr. Luebbert says even if you get vaccinated, there’s always a chance you can still come down with the flu.

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