Monument Academy teacher awarded $1,000 grant for classroom supplies

MONUMENT, Colo. — A teacher at Monument Academy has been awarded an unexpected grant from the College Football Playoff Foundation.

Jessica Coote is the director of Exceptional Student Services. She said she plans to share the $1,000 grant with her department and let them decide how to use it. It could be used for books and curriculum, communication devices, or technology.

She said being nominated by one of her former students is special.

“What is really special is that this is a student that was actually my first student here at Monument Academy, and I was able to see him all the way through his middle school years and now he’s in high school,” Coote said. “So it’s really special to know that I made an impact in his life, even now that he’s in high school and no longer with me.”

Coote is one of 10 teachers selected for the grant, which was provided through the Air Force Academy. In addition to the $1,000, each teacher received tickets to Air Force’s home game this Saturday, where they will be recognized on the field during halftime.

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