New downtown Colorado Springs traffic pattern causing confusion

Weber Street Confusion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The new traffic configuration on Weber Street in downtown Colorado Springs is causing lots of confusion among bicyclists, drivers, and even pedestrians.

The right traffic lane has now been converted to street parking, and what used to be street parking is now a loading zone and a bike lane, making it appear as though cars are parked right in the middle of the road.

Diana Harris is a local business owner on Weber Street.

“I’m very concerned for the safety of the citizens with the way this street is set up,” Harris said. “People expect cars to be parked at curbs, not in the middle of the street. I think somebody is going to get very badly injured, or I think somebody is going to be killed.”

Harris said she’s even trying to change her route to work to avoid the confusion and danger.

“I’m concerned for my safety, frankly, driving on this street, and this is the way I go to work every day,” she said.

Glen Norris also does business downtown, and is scratching his head about this new traffic pattern.

“I’m used to the bicycle lanes being more close to the traffic, as opposed to all the way up here into the curb,” Norris said.

“Change it back and don’t do it anywhere else,” Harris said. “It doesn’t cost that much to repaint these lines, and frankly, that’s what they need to do.”

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