Why are there so many abandoned cars in Colorado Springs?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  The Colorado Springs Police impound lot is well over capacity, with homeowners becoming frustrated with abandoned cars around town.

Rachel Beisel and her husband moved to west Colorado Springs in June, and ever since then they’ve noticed several abandoned cars in their area.

“Then can’t park on this two-way street because you can’t get an emergency vehicle through,” Beisel said. “You couldn’t get snow vehicles or snowplows to be able to remove any of the snow there.

City officials tell FOX21 the impound lot is over capacity, and they’ve actually had to add five acres to city property to make room for abandoned vehicles.

“This isn’t new. This has been going on for years,” Colorado Springs Police Lt. Howard Black said. “We’ll ebb and flow the amount of cars that are coming in, and at some points, we get to full capacity.”

Police are trying to come up with other solutions, especially for cars that are evidence in crimes.

“We currently have some of our civilian investigators that are looking at each and every one of the 670 cars that are in this lot to see if potentially we can move some of those cars out,” Black said.

Beisel said while police are doing what they can, she wishes there was another solution. She even reached out to the city to see if they can put up no parking signs in her neighborhood.

“He said it would take a long time, because they are having to put up signs for ‘no panhandling’ in the medians, which I know isn’t necessarily working because I see it all the time. But that’s by law, they have to put up those signs so it’s taking an exceptionally long time to be able to go out and evaluate the rest of the streets,” Beisel said.

Police say they are trying to come up with more solutions at the impound lot, like moving the cars that are evidence in crimes to another location.

They also plan on auctioning off several cars very soon.

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