Colorado teacher to get new kidney from student’s parent

DENVER, Colo. — A Colorado high school teacher will soon get a second chance at life thanks to the kindness of his students’ parents.

Andy Klaus-Corritore teaches 9th grade history at Denver Academy. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Knowing time is not on his side, Stacy Folk, one of the teacher’s homeroom parents, made a video and posted it to social media asking people to help save his life.

The message was so powerful that it touched Scott Patten, the father of another student at the school.

Patten decided to donate one of his kidneys to Klaus-Corritore.

“If I could help him live another decade or two, and keep helping kids like that, it would be a big change for the world that I can’t do myself,” said Patten.

Now the teacher says he is not only grateful to the donor, but also to the mom, who he says is making this lifesaving surgery possible.

“She’s the first person I called when I found out I was getting a kidney, I didn’t call my mom, I called Stacy, cause she was the one who got me here,” said Klaus-Corritore.

The kidney transplant is scheduled for Monday, September 11.

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