5 suspects in custody for murder of 2 young girls near Telluride

SAN MIGUEL COUNTY, Colo. — Authorities say five suspects are now in custody in connection with the double homicide of two children found Friday morning near Telluride.

The two girls were found on a farm located south of Norwood, about 35 miles west of Telluride.

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a report of possibly two dead children on a property. At the scene, deputies discovered the bodies of two girls around 5 to 10-years-old.

Authorities say the girls are believed to have been dead for at least two weeks.

Four suspects — 23-year-old Frederick A. Blair from Norwood; 37-year-old Madani Ceus from Haiti; 53-year-old Ika Eden from Jamaica; and 50-year-old Nathan Yah from Haiti — have all been charged with Felony Child Abuse causing death.

Photos courtesy San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office

The fifth suspect, Nashika Bramble, turned herself in Saturday, according to the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office.

Nashika Bramble / Miguel County Sheriff’s Office




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