Vacation nightmare: Colorado Springs couple stuck in Florida

Kristin and Husband Shane, deboarded a cruise ship Thursday and the vacation nightmare started -- FOX21 News, Kristin Lutwack

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  As Hurricane Irma moves closer to Florida, one Colorado Springs couple is trying to make it home.

Kristin and Shane Lutwack were on a cruise to the Bahamas and just deboarded Thursday morning in Miami. They were supposed to fly back to Colorado Saturday from Miami International Airport, but were notified their flights had been canceled on Tuesday.

When the couple checked in at their hotel Thursday, they found out their hotel stay was also canceled.

“They actually had a letter from the mayor, so they were not accepting any check-ins and the manager actually said that the hotel most likely was going to end up underwater,” said Kristin Lutwack.

From Miami, they took an Uber to the Fort Lauderdale airport, but it was the same story there. All flights were sold out.

Next, they rented a car and started the drive toward West Palm Beach.

“It’s a lot of anxiety. Everyone’s really on edge. I got to tell you, the staff at the airport, they were phenomenal. The car rental folks were very, very helpful, but when were trying to change our flights, we asked the lady trying to check us in and she said, ‘I’m petrified,'” said Lutwack.

Lutwack said their drive to stay with a friend has been a bumpy road, with gas stations closing and water becoming a big concern.

“Godspeed to everyone in Florida right now, and I just hope that there are no fatalities and I hope that this just brings out the best in folks like it did with Hurricane Harvey,” said Lutwack.

Lutwack said they have a flight out of Tampa on Sunday morning, and they just hope it won’t get canceled.

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