Police cracking down on speeders in school zones

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs police are hitting the streets to remind drivers to slow down in school zones.

FOX21’s Carly Moore rode along with CSPD on Thursday so she could be schooled on how they patrol school zones.

CSPD’s 2015 annual report showed nine people had died on the roadways just that year because they were hit by cars.

“So it’s important to keep your speed down in those areas. It’s a high priority for us,” CSPD Officer Adam Fischer said. “We just want all the kids and parents to be safe as they are going to and from school.”

In January of this year, four kids were injured outside James Monroe Elementary School while crossing in the crosswalk.

Some drivers learned a hard lesson, because if you get a ticket in a school zone, the fine is double.

“Pay attention when the lights are flashing in morning and afternoon hours,” Fischer said. “Everyone’s trying to get somewhere, but just to be patient, and again, to pay attention when you are driving.”

Fischer said the main reason pedestrians are hit is because people are distracted while driving. He encourages drivers to put down the phone when behind the wheel, but especially in those school zones.

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