Fort Carson soldiers helping with hurricane relief

Fort Carson soldiers on standby
Fort Carson soldiers on standby

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — About 95 Fort Carson soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division have been in Texas helping with Harvey relief for more than a week.

“They needed a gap filled, for immediate response to support the federal agencies, FEMA, and Red Cross, and then provide additional support, in terms of vehicles in those flooded areas,” Col. Geoff Kent, 4th Sustainment Brigade Officer, said.

Kent said the coordination between all organizations was seamless.

“Everybody coming together, and it was a common purpose, and a common goal,” he said. “It was great synergy.”

They are now waiting to see if they’ll be needed in Florida.

“We are in a transition point right now, to where we are looking at our redeployment out of Texas and return to home station, and potentially be looking to support the mission to support Irma efforts,” Kent said.

Kent said it’s their job to be prepared for anything.

“The soldiers are very motivated and very dedicated to what they do, and they’re just going to be ready,” he said.

“You gotta give all credit to these kids, that, regardless if there is a requirement overseas, or a requirement at home, when duty calls, they move,” Kent said.

Kent said it’s their duty to respond and be ready.

“It’s our responsibility to our country and our nation to make sure that we are ready to respond,” he said. “Should it continue on its current trajectory, and there is a need, then the 4th Infantry Division will be ready.”

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