Three generations of students attend Colorado Springs elementary school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Megan Meyer is back on campus at District 11’s Patrick Henry Elementary School this year. But this time, it’s her preschool daughter who is in the classroom.

Meyer’s daughter is the third generation in her family to attend the eastern Colorado Springs school. Meyer said it was important for her family to continue the tradition at the school because it was such a wonderful experience for her.

While things may look familiar, she said there have been lots of changes over the years.

“It’s very nostalgic,” she said. “Being here is very nostalgic. The feeling of this place is amazing. The people here are amazing. The biggest changes are just the structure improvements. The playgrounds are amazing. They’ve added that adorable garden back there, which is great, and they’ve updated lots of stuff inside, lots of the technology and stuff like that. Lots of updates.”

Meyer hopes to send her daughter to kindergarten at the school next year.

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