Surprise! Group of strangers comes together to replace boy’s stolen bike

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Silas Felps is a second grader at Chipeta Elementary School, and he was beyond excited to start the year off with a new bike.

It was a present his parents gave him on the day they told him he was going to be a big brother.

He rides his bike to school every day and last Friday, Silas came out of Chipeta Elementary School and it wasn’t there. Only his helmet was left on the ground.

Understandably, he was crushed when he came outside to no bike.

“I really like to ride my bike,” said Silas Felps. “I felt sad, because it was my favorite bike.”

He had to learn a hard lesson when his bike was stolen from his school.

“We told him sometimes kids take these or sometimes adults make bad choices,” said Kisti Felps, Silas’ mom.

“One of the things our principal recommended, was that we put it on social media, because she said that a lot of times, it happens to find it’s way back, if people hear about it,” said Kisti.

Kisti sprang into action on social media, posting this photo on Facebook and Nextdoor.

Bill Wilson saw the photo and post about Silas’ bike on Nextdoor and wanted to help out.

“Right now all Silas knows is there are some very bad people in the world he didn’t know about before and they stole his bike,” said Bill Wilson.

His mom never expected strangers would come together to buy Silas a whole new bike.

“I have a heart for kids, that one picture of Silas of his bike just struck me deep in the heart. I said ‘not on my watch, we are going to right this wrong’.” Wilson said.  “Now he’s going to know, that there are as well goodhearted people, kind people that are willing to pitch in help and come together as neighbors.”

The first thing he did was ride it around the block.

Criterium Bicycles, a local bike shop in Colorado Springs, also helped assemble and adjust the bike for free to make sure it’s safe.

The group also got him a bike lock to prevent anyone else from stealing it again.

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