Colorado Springs Dreamers worry what the future holds after DACA announcement

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Those defending DACA are speaking out nationwide and locally.

A rally and march were held in downtown Colorado Springs at Acacia Park Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of people were there calling on local and state leaders to support DACA.

Dozens of Dreamers themselves were also there, many of them high school and college students worried about what their futures may hold.

FOX21 News spoke to a young man, Amner Carmona, who is a senior at UCCS. Carmona graduates in May and wants to be a teacher but after the recent announcement he’s holding on to hope as his future is now in the hands of Congress.

“Because of DACA, I’ve been able to continue studying and pay for my education as well so without that I am limited on what I can do next so technically they’ve determined my future because of that,” said Carmona.

Then there are the life-long friends and loved ones of these dreamers, like Adriana Batras.

Batras said, “I grew up with so many people in Colorado Springs who depend on DACA, and just to see all their hard work ultimately mean nothing to some people.”

Ending DACA means dreamers like Carmona would be deported to a country they’ve in some cases never known.

“This is their home this is all they know, it’s not fair to them,” said Batras.

As for Carmona, all he’s asking for are open minds and understanding.

“Go out and met Dreamers. We aren’t just categorized as DACA students. We are more than that and students that contribute to the community,” said Carmona.

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