After flooding subsides, what’s next for the Red Cross?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Red Cross is known for providing shelter, food, clothes, and other items for people in need after disasters, but their jobs don’t stop there. They actually last months after the disaster subsides.

Bill Fortune, the communications specialist for the Colorado and Wyoming regions of the Red Cross, said they are ready to get out on the streets and help as soon as the flooding subsides.

“We’re looking at what areas are going to need our help the most, and first,” Fortune said.

Fortune said they will provide people with anything they need, “cleanup kits, things like mops, bleach, and cleaners, gloves, and protective equipment.”

“We’ll also collect information at that time and say okay, what else can we provide for you?” Fortune said.

Sally Broomfield is from southern Colorado, and works with the Colorado and Wyoming regions of the Red Cross. She left for Houston last week, and said their next step is to see how bad these houses were damaged.

“We’ll conduct some damage assessments, and we will work with our government partners to determine the status of the homes,” Broomfield said. “Has it been destroyed, it is major damage, or has it been affected, or maybe it’s just inaccessible.”

The Red Cross is only asking for monetary donations, not physical items like food, clothes, blankets, or even diapers. They want you to know your donations are going straight to Texas.

“People that donate to the Red Cross, they’re designating it as Harvey,” Fortune said. “And that money will go to helping those people recover from this devastation.”

There are many ways to donate to the Red Cross:

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