‘They’d end up dead’: Dragonman speaks out while ATF investigates burglary

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — One suspect is named after dozens of weapons were stolen from a gun shop in eastern El Paso County.

The owner of Dragonmans Gun Shop and Shooting Range is speaking out as federal agents continue their investigation.

Mel Bernstein, also known as Dragonman, said his surveillance video shows that four people took part in the burglary Sunday night. Because he turned over the video to federal officials, he is unable to show us a copy.

Camron Specht is the suspect in custody. He faces second degree burglary charges, according to Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Field Division representative Lisa Meiman.

ATF agents said federal charges are pending for multiple suspects.

“I came around this side, I seen the whole gate and garage door pushed down, and I came inside and called the police and we got robbed,” said Bernstein.

More than 65 guns were stolen from Dragonman’s arsenal of guns worth over $70,000.

“Who’s got the guts to rob Dragonmans?” said Bernstein.

He’s surprised he even has this problem.

“This place is so secure, we got guard dogs, I got seven dogs. We got an electric fence,” said Bernstein. “They were on multiple video cameras, I have a total of 35 of them, all around my property.”

At the time of the robbery, all the regular security measures were in place, but Dragonman himself was not on the property.

“They would never have the guts to do this, when I’m still here, because they’d end up dead. I would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money, if I’d caught ’em,” he said.

Dragon Man thinks that whoever stole from him was someone who knew his routine, when he leaves and exactly when would be away from the property.

Bernstein believes the burglars got on the property, then used his vehicle, which was on the property, to ram through a fence and a garage door while he was gone.

“I hire kids around the area, to cut grass and sweep up, feed the dogs, clean the dog pen, they see what’s going on,” said Bernstein. “It’s not real hard to figure out my schedule.”

ATF officials believe all weapons are accounted for, but are still doing an inventory check to make sure.

“They are stupid kids, now they are going to learn a lesson,” Bernstein said.

We’ll keep you updated on any more arrests here on FOX21 News.

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