Ask The Vet: Your Questions Answered 8/27

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We’re continuing our monthly ‘Ask The Vet’ segment on FOX21 Weekend Morning News.

Joining Maddie Kirker is Dr. Cristy Fisher, practice owner of Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital in Colorado Springs.

FOX21 is partnering with Dr. Cristy to help answer questions that you — our viewers — have when it comes to your four-legged family members.

In today’s segment, you asked:

  • My 7-year-old female shepherd when left alone will lay on the bed, lick the sheets and frequently rips the sheets… what does this mean?
  • My dog seems obsessed with chasing his tail… at first it was sort of funny, but it is happening more and more often, and he doesn’t seem to be just burning energy anymore… should we be concerned?
  • My 4-year-old cat has stopped using her litterbox. She’s doing her business all over the house! The box is kept clean, and since she was trained this hasn’t been a problem, please help.’
  • My three-year-old husky has started to howl. She hadn’t really done this since she was a puppy, could something be wrong? She doesn’t seem to be in pain, and isn’t acting aggressively, just howling.

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