Salvation Army’s mobile food service for the homeless slowly phasing out

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Salvation Army’s food trucks that gave free meals to the homeless in Dorchester Park will be slowing down to a stop in the coming weeks.

But the Salvation Army staff wants to assure people that their food services, as a whole, are not going anywhere.

Community relations director Jeane Turner said they want the homeless and people in need to come to a Salvation Army location to get help and food.

“It encourages them to go onto campuses and into facilities to receive a meal and possibly receive some other services to help them get out of their situation,” Turner said.

It could give some people the chance to get off the streets for good.

“That’s where we feel, right now, that we can do the most good in our community,” Turner said.

Melba Nichols turns 90-years-old this week, and has been using the Salvation Army’s services for over 10 years.

“Need something and you’re homeless? Come over to the Salvation Army,” Nichols said.

Nichols said the Salvation Army can help people with whatever they need, “you’re welcome anytime,” she said.

The food truck services will slowly diminish over the next few weeks, and will be completely shut down by October, but Turner said they will still help whoever needs it, in any way they can.

“The Salvation Army will still be feeding hundreds of people every day,” she said.

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