Wet weather spells danger for dogs in southern Colorado

Bella in Divide got sick last Thursday after eating a mushroom in her owner's backyrad -- FOX21 News, Sarah Ferguson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Wet weather is causing mushrooms to pop up in southern Colorado, presenting a big threat for dogs who eat them.

Over the past two weeks, Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine has seen 10 dogs who’ve most likely become ill after eating a mushroom. One of the dogs died after getting sick.

Veterinarian Chris McReynolds said the first signs appear after one or two hours. A dog may show symptoms like stomach problems, profound drooling and even seizures.

“The thing with mushrooms is that they can pop up overnight, so you really need to be diligent and walk your yard each day and if you see any mushrooms just remove them,” said McReynolds.

Some dogs may seem better after two days, but McReynolds said they aren’t in the clear until at least a week later, as mushrooms can lead to liver failure.

He also said it’s important to take your dog to the vet immediately if you suspect they’ve ingested a mushroom.

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