Military academy for K-8 students opens in Colorado Springs

Colorado Military Academy Grand Opening Ceremony

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — When you hear the words “military academy,” you might think of students being told to “drop and gimme 20,” but that’s not what Colorado Military Academy is all about.

CMA is focused on teaching curriculum and building our future leaders.

“We want leaders of uncompromising character,” Executive Director Reggie Ash said.

CMA is for younger kids, and doesn’t come with the same physical intensity of your typical military school.

“We’re not going to be dropping the kindergartners to give me 20 pushups, not going to be dropping the eighth graders to give me 20 pushups,” Ash said.

Jamie Teachenor enrolled two children at CMA, and said he’s excited that such a unique academy is being offered in Colorado Springs.

“Kids can never get enough of character development,” Teachenor said.

With all branches of the military represented, and more than 90 percent of faculty having military affiliation, Teachenor is confident his children are in good hands.

“The way we raise our children will be mirrored in this, and it will be like a tag team effort,” Teachenor said.

School begins on Monday and Tuesday for CMA students.

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