Pueblo West deaths of woman, daughter ruled murder-suicide

Jennifer Hamula
Jennifer Hamula / Colorado Department of Corrections

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. — The deaths of a woman and her 10-year-old daughter in Pueblo West Monday have been ruled murder-suicide.

According to Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor and Pueblo County Coroner Brian Cotter, it appears that Jennifer Hamula shot her daughter Stephie multiple times before turning the gun on herself.

“Overwhelming evidence indicates the mother and daughter were the only two individuals in the home at the time of the shooting,” said Taylor.

Interviews were conducted with Jennifer’s estranged husband and other family members, and there is no evidence showing anyone else was involved in the incident, the sheriff’s office said. Circumstances and evidence point to Jennifer as the shooter.

Deputies were called to the home Monday afternoon after a family member asked for a welfare check. Deputies found Jennifer and Stephie in the home, in addition to two dogs who had been shot and killed.

Additional forensic testing is expected to take weeks to complete.

“Cases such as these are always difficult but when a child is involved, it’s especially tough for everyone involved,” Taylor said. “Due to the horrific circumstances of this incident, we will be holding a debrief for all deputies, Pueblo West Fire and other responders who were involved in the investigation.”

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