Colorado Springs boy, 3, looking forward to participating in Buddy Walk for first time

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Buddy Walk started out across the nation more than 20 years ago to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

The local event centers around a walk, but it’s so much more than that.

Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association volunteer Treshia Kuiper said it’s the association’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s a chance for families like the Kuipers to meet others going through similar experiences.

Treshia and her husband, Brian, both beam whenever they talk about their 3-year-old, Timmy.

“He’s a typical 3-year-old,” Treshia said. “He climbs and gets into stuff, just like our other three kids did.”

The Kuipers knew Timmy had Down syndrome before he was born. They had some knowledge of what to expect, but this bundle of joy has exceeded those expectations.

“He has pulled us together as a family,” Brian said. “We have been there for each other. We’ve cried together. We’ve laughed more in the last three and a half years than the 15 years that we’ve been married.”

Everyone in the community is invited to take part in the walk on Saturday.

“We’re all celebrating these special people in our lives who have changed us so much,” Treshia said.

This year’s walk will be extra special for Timmy, who will be walking in it for the first time. You can bet his family will be enjoying the moment as much as him.

“Such amazing joy, and it brings you together,” Brian said. “Really, you find strength that you never knew you had, and you enjoy the beauty of life.”

>> Tap here for more information on the Buddy Walk. 

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