Sen. Cory Gardner addresses tough crowd at Colorado Springs town hall

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One Colorado lawmaker is taking advantage of the Congressional recess to touch base with his constituents.

Senator Cory Gardner stopped in Colorado Springs Tuesday, August 15 for a much-anticipated town hall, and there were plenty of questions for the Republican senator.

“Why did you support a skinny repeal in such a hasty manner?” asked one attendee.

“I voted for us to continue to debate to allow us to put a bill before the President, to make sure we could put something on the President’s desk that lowers the cost that is quality reform,” he replied.

It wasn’t a warm welcome for Gardner, but he stood firm on stage and with his party’s stance, including support of the President.

“Are you confident that Trump is fit to lead the country, yes or no?” asked one attendee.

Gardner replied “I believe he is fit but I don’t always agree with him all the time.”

Gardner also addressed topics such as education, net neutrality and tensions in North Korea. He also hosted town halls in Lakewood and Greeley the same day.


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