DIA’s multi-million dollar Great Hall project aims to return terminal to ‘traveler’s oasis’ once again

Great Hall
Denver International Airport's Great Hall Project aims to improve security and the entire passenger experience. / Denver International Airport

DENVER, Colo. — Denver City Council has given final approval to the Great Hall project, which aims to make substantial improvements to Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal.

More than two decades after opening, the Great Hall, located beneath the iconic tented roof of the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal, will be updated to “enhance security, increase capacity, improve passenger flow and return the terminal to a passenger oasis,” officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The Great Hall project will include 34 state-of-the-art automated screening lanes, which officials say can accommodate 8,500 passengers per hour, as well as upgrades to the entire terminal, including escalators and elevators, restrooms and other infrastructure that is now more than 22-years-old. Other benefits include improving food and retail offerings in the area, curbside improvements for increased passenger drop-off capacity and creating a children’s play area.

The changes will come to levels 5 and 6 within the 1.5 million square foot terminal.

The anticipated cost to design and build the project will range from $650 to $770 million, which includes an airport-added contingency of $120 million to accommodate unexpected issues or changes in TSA or airline processing in the next few years.

Officials say DIA is an enterprise of the City and County of Denver, so no taxpayer money will be used in from the city’s General Fund for any projects or operations at the airport.

The Great Hall Project is expected to create over 400 construction jobs, more than 800 permanent jobs and generate an addition $3.5 million in annual taxes and general fund revenue for the City of Denver.

>> Click here to learn more about the project.


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