Dragon Man considers proposal for national TV show

Discovery Channel in talks with 'Dragon Man,' about three-year TV show contract -- FOX21 News, Ray Harless

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Discovery Channel could be coming to Colorado Springs to feature a unique character in our area known as Dragon Man.

His real name is Mel Bernstein, and he’s been collecting pieces of military history his whole life. Dragon Man has continuously expanded his Colorado Springs Historical Military Museum, which now stands at 68,000 square feet. He’s now considering a three-year contract with the Discovery Channel.

“I want to have my own TV show,” said Bernstein. “That’s a dream of everybody’s life and I have all this stuff here to show on TV, and this whole place is a TV show.”

Bernstein said he’ll look over the TV show contract next Tuesday. It’s been tough on his family, because five years ago, his wife was killed while filming an episode of another national TV show.

“That’s very, very hard for my decision,” said Bernstein.

The museum is open during the summer months on Sundays only. All tours are guided by Dragon Man himself.

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