Connecticut pizza restaurant aims to break cheesy world record

WATERFORD, Conn. — How many types of cheese can you put on your pizza? Two? Three?

How about a world record of 112?

You read that right.

Crown Pizza in Connecticut just submitted their claim to Guinness World Records.

Taso Vitsas is the manager at Crown Pizza and loves making pizza so much he wanted to set a world record.

Using a 24-inch pan, they filled it with dough and reached out to a gourmet cheese store owner in Virginia who hand-cut more than 100 different cheeses to complete the recipe.

The owner says even he wouldn’t recommend tasting the masterpiece.

“Originally I was going to try and make a good tasting pizza which is obviously my goal being a pizza maker. Once I got to 30 to 35 cheeses I realized this is not going to be a good tasting pizza,” Vitsas said.

“And he wanted just small bites. I didn’t know. Oh is it going to taste good together? Is it not? But it wasn’t really for eating…it was for the magic of saying he really did it,” said Christine Chesanek with Fromage.

Getting Guinness judges there to review the entry was out of the question financially, so Crown Pizza sent video and images along with testimony to verify their entry.


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