Colorado Springs School District 11 launches app, mass notification system

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  After parents said that schools needed better communication with the community, School District 11 responded by rolling out a new app and mass notification system.

It’s called “The D-11 Loop,” and it allows the district to combine several options for outreach all on one site.

The D-11 app can be customized based on the student and parents can create multiple profiles if they have more than one child.

On the app, parents and kids can see a calendar of events, class schedules and even get a list of school supplies needed for classes.

For Christy McGee, her daughter is getting ready to start middle school. She says the app has really helped to get things organized.

“Having information at my fingertips will really help ease my mind that she’s where she’s supposed to be and that things are happening the way they’re supposed to be happening,” said McGee.

For D-11 school administrators, the app is essential to get information out quickly.

“We’re starting to see a little more of a safety concern around lock-downs in our area. It’s not that our schools are less safe, it’s actually the opposite. They’re actually becoming more safe, we’re just working with our law enforcement agencies a little bit better,” said Devra Ashby, Public Information Officer for D-11.

You can find the app by searching “D-11” on both Android and Apple devices.

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