Soldier’s son gets big surprise while throwing out first pitch at Sky Sox game

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Thursday was military appreciation night at Security Service Field, and one local military family got some extra attention.

Nicole and Joseph Santiago have two kids. Their son Cory thought he was going to throw the first pitch of the game to a Sky Sox catcher, but it turns out it was actually someone they know.

Cory loves baseball, but his favorite coach–his dad–had been stationed in South Korea since March.

It was Joseph’s first deployment in three years, so it’s hard on the kids for him to be gone.

Through MGA Home Healthcare, Cory was asked to throw the first pitch of the Sky Sox game. There was one more surprise: Cory’s dad was going to be the catcher.

“Corey was born with gastroschisis, and now he has intestinal failure,” said Nicole. “He takes medicine eight to nine times a day.”

Gastroschisis means his intestine is on the outside and he has to be fed through a g-tube.

“I’ve been hiding out not letting my kids know that I am here,” said Joseph. “I’ve been gone for five, six months I’ve been missing in their lives, so I am trying to make up for that.”

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